Flower Craft Ideas – Tissue Paper Flowers for May

Posted by Erika on Apr 7, 2009 in Flower Crafts

Use these beautiful tissue paper flowers to add a touch of color to your house this May. Tissue paper flowers are easy to make, and kids will love trying this decorative craft project on their own.

Flower Craft Ideas

To make flowers you need:

  • Colored tissue papers
  • Chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Scissors
  • A Ruler

How to make it:

1. Cut tissue papers into rectangular pieces of desired size.
2. Stack 5 to 6 tissue paper pieces (these can be the same or different colors).
3. Fold the pieces like an accordion, widthwise.
4. Wind one end of the chenille stem around the mid-point of the pleat.
5. Carefully spread the pleat and separate each layer along the edge by pulling it towards the center.

Your spring paper flower is ready!

Image: bbfi-oceania.org

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Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

Posted by Erika on Mar 7, 2009 in Family Crafts , Flower Crafts

Bring the colors of spring into your home with these easy crafts ideas for kids. Paper flowers are the quickest, most fun way to spruce up your kids’ room this Easter season.

Spring Flower Crafts

Spring Flower Crafts

To make these pretty flowers, you’ll need:

  • Colored construction papers (various colors)
  • Pencil
  • Pompoms (medium to large)
  • Flexible straws/ chenille stems
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

How to make it:

1. Draw a flower on the construction paper.
2. Cut out the flower and cut a small hole in the center.
3. Cut from the side of any one petal to the center of the flower. Overlap two petals and glue them together, giving the flower a slight curvature.
4. Glue the pompom in the center of the flower.
5. Finally, glue the straw/ chenille stem centrally onto the backside of the flower.

Use your imagination to make different size and patterns. An assortment of colors and lengths will make your project even more beautiful.

Image: Treehugger.com

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