Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

Posted by Erika on Mar 25, 2009 in Egg Crafts , Family Crafts

With Easter around the corner, here are some easy, interesting Easter egg craft ideas to try with your kids.

To design eye-catching Easter eggs, you’ll need to need to paint or dye the eggs in different colors (we found non-toxic scrapbook paint works the best). Use paper punches to create decorations for your eggs, and glue the craft punches onto the egg once the paint dries.

For older children, try making these googly-eyed Easter eggs.

Apply your googly-eyes to the egg first, they will help define the rest of the face. Next, draw a mouth and hair using a non-toxic marker. Give your egg a nose by gluing down a button or piece of felt. Lastly, accessorize your eggs as necessary with paper cutouts.

Happy Easter!

Image: Womansday and Kaboose

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