Latest DIY Crafts

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  • Try these great Kanzashi designs for your next DIY project. Use it for your hair or as an accessory to your purse.

  • For great ideas on elegant paper projects for sophisticated entertaining, use ideas from Paperie. Make your own coasters or any variety of classy and creative handmade paper projects for every occasion, from New Year’s to Oscar Night party.

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Halloween Crafts and Activities for the Whole Family

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Are you ready for Fright Fest?

It’s never too early to start making out your list of things-to-buy in order to start up for your Halloween crafts . Whether you’re preparing your children’s classroom party of if your getting a head start for your home party, you will find our many crafts interesting and useful.

Halloween Wreath
Halloween Wreath
  • Create this unique Halloween costume in just 1-hour! Mummy_full_article_vertical
  • Make the perfect pumpkin with these unique carving ideas.


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Back-To-School Family Crafts

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Get Creative

  • Get a little creative and personalize your school supplies with this back-to-school family craft . This is a great way to get you ready for your first day back to school. Start by picking your gear, purchase fabric paint and start embellishing it with your own innovative ideas.
  • Consider decorating your lunch box with all your favorite action figure cartoons. Tired of your plastic baggies? Get creative by reusing snack and sandwich containers from juice cartons and milk jugs. Kids you can get creative by decorating your eco-friendly containers with stickers and markers with your own personalized touch.


Try this idea for your own recycled sandwich box:

  1. Mark a clean 1-gallon milk jug.
  2. Cut along markings. Pierce a row of dots with a thumbtack to make the creased lines.
  3. Fold the flaps along creased lines, then open and fold flaps in opposite direction, making it easier for kids to open and close. Add an adhesive-backed Velcro dot closure.


For more back-to-school craft ideas, click here.


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Unique Photo Gift Collages

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Family Photo Collage

Family Photo Collage

Family Photo Collage

A f a m ily photo collage is a family craft which is a constant memory to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. This gift is a unique piece of artwork that people of all ages can enjoy doing. They serve as great mementos and gifts that attract the eyes of visitors to your home. Surprise your family members with a gift they will cherish forever-give them a photo collage. A personalized gift that can be tailored to any occasion such as wedding, graduation, prom, or birthday party is the best kind to give to a loved one.

Materials Needed:

  • Construction Paper or Cardstock,
  • Photos,
  • Glue Stick or Dry Glue, and
  • Scissors

First start by compiling the photos you want to use. Glue them in place on your paper. One good idea is to make copies of the pictures you are going to use so that you can preserve the original photo and the copy will stick better than the picture itself. Next decide the design you want and start planning.

Some good ideas are:

  • Your design can be all black and white photos.
Photo Collage

Photo Collage

  • Baby’s First Birthday Collage

Baby's First Birthday Collage

First Birthday baby collages make great gifts for grandparents, parents, or friends. For more fun family craft activities, click here….



4th July Crafts – Star Wavers for Independence Day

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Let your kids exercise their independence by taking on a crafting project of their own. Starry wavers are the perfect easy-to-make kid’s craft for this 4th of July.

What you’ll need:

  • Pieces of colorful felt
  • Colored ribbons
  • 10 to 12-inch wooden sticks or dowels
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Sequins and glitters (optional)

How to make it:

  1. Tie ribbons at one end of the stick.
  2. Cut a pair of 6-inch wide stars from your felt.
  3. Glue the felt stars together with the ribbon-tied tip of the stick/dowel inserted between them. Allow glue to dry.
  4. Decorate the felt stars with glitter or sequins.

Congrats! Your Independence Day waver is ready. :D
Image: orientaltrading.com

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4th July Crafts – Star-Studded Door Hanger for Independence Day

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Jazz up your Independence Day celebration with some easy kids’ crafts. Decorative door hangers are a perfectly patriotic way to welcome your guests this 4th of July.

To make the star-studded door-hanger you’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Star-shaped foam sticker (red)
  • Tubes of blue and golden glitter glue
  • Patriotic star garland/thin blue ribbon
  • White yarn
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Cut five 10 to 12-inch pieces from the garland/ribbon.
  2. Cut a 6-inch piece from the white yarn.
  3. Glue two paper plates together with both ends of the yarn inserted about 1½ inches deep in between them.
  4. At the bottom end of the plate, insert the pieces of garland /ribbon about ½ inch away from one another. Allow the glue to dry.
  5. Paste the red star shaped foam sticker on the center of the top plate.
  6. Write a welcome message with golden glitter glue right above the red star.
  7. Create a border along the rim of the plate using blue glitter glue. Allow glue to dry.
  8. For further embellishment, draw a glittering golden border around the star.
  9. Happy Independence Day! :D

    Image: Kaboose

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Sewing Crafts for Summer – Handmade Shoulder Bags

Posted by Erika on Apr 15, 2009 in Family Crafts

A handmade shoulder bag is the perfect sewing craft for Summer, and it’s easy enough for beginners.

You can make these bags using your old felt, denim or cotton clothes.
What you’ll need:

  • One piece of fabric of your choice
  • Contrasting fabric for lining
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

How to make it:

  1. Cut a 20”X8” rectangular piece of fabric. Also cut a long rectangular piece of fabric for the shoulder strap.
  2. Cut a 20”X8”piece of your second fabric, this will serve as the lining.
  3. Place the lining fabric onto the main fabric, tuck it with pins and sew the four sides together to make it a one.
  4. Symmetrically fold the fabric widthwise and sew the open ends together.
  5. Next, fold the strap fabric lengthwise and sew along the entire length of the strap, this will add durability.
  6. Sew the two ends of the strap about 1 inch deep inside the open end of the bag.
  7. Fold and stitch the open edges for a better finish and fold open the bag.

Your handmade shoulder-bag is ready. If you’re feeling creative, feel free to embellish it with glitter glue, buttons or ribbons.

Source: About.com

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Craft Idea – Paper Photo Frames

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Liven up your family photographs with handmade photo frames. These simply-crafted paper frames not only enhance the charm of a photo, but also add to the beauty of your home decor.

For this paper craft, you’ll need:

  • One 6″ X 6″ cardboard
  • Wallpaper/giftpaper scraps
  • Jumbo blossoms (Available in craft stores. Each packet contains 8 flowers of different shapes and colors, along with crystal brads.)
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut four 4″X4″ sqaures out of each of your wallpaper/gift paper scraps. You should have 16 squares total.
  2. Make ½” diameter rolls out of each square.
  3. Glue the paper rolls on the cardboard. Eight vertically and eight horizontally, (as depicted in the image), leaving a small square gap in the middle.
  4. Measure the empty square, and cut your favorite photo according to your measurements.
  5. For the finishing touch, pick the jumbo blossom of your choice and affix it with a crystal brad in the lower corner of your frame.

Happy Crafting!

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Easy Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

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With Easter around the corner, here are some easy, interesting Easter egg craft ideas to try with your kids.

To design eye-catching Easter eggs, you’ll need to need to paint or dye the eggs in different colors (we found non-toxic scrapbook paint works the best). Use paper punches to create decorations for your eggs, and glue the craft punches onto the egg once the paint dries.

For older children, try making these googly-eyed Easter eggs.

Apply your googly-eyes to the egg first, they will help define the rest of the face. Next, draw a mouth and hair using a non-toxic marker. Give your egg a nose by gluing down a button or piece of felt. Lastly, accessorize your eggs as necessary with paper cutouts.

Happy Easter!

Image: Womansday and Kaboose

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Spring Flower Crafts for Kids

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Bring the colors of spring into your home with these easy crafts ideas for kids. Paper flowers are the quickest, most fun way to spruce up your kids’ room this Easter season.

Spring Flower Crafts

Spring Flower Crafts

To make these pretty flowers, you’ll need:

  • Colored construction papers (various colors)
  • Pencil
  • Pompoms (medium to large)
  • Flexible straws/ chenille stems
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

How to make it:

1. Draw a flower on the construction paper.
2. Cut out the flower and cut a small hole in the center.
3. Cut from the side of any one petal to the center of the flower. Overlap two petals and glue them together, giving the flower a slight curvature.
4. Glue the pompom in the center of the flower.
5. Finally, glue the straw/ chenille stem centrally onto the backside of the flower.

Use your imagination to make different size and patterns. An assortment of colors and lengths will make your project even more beautiful.

Image: Treehugger.com

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