Projects: DIY Table Runner

Show your tabletop a little love with this fun felt craft project.

A candy stripe runner is a treat for your table. Enjoy this decorative craft idea with your family.

A candy stripe runner is a treat for your table.

Skill Level: Beginner fun craft

Materials Needed for Table Runner, Home Decorating Project: Tape measure; chalk marking pencil; felt: 1 yard white, ½ yard each of brown, lime green and turquoise; scissors; paper-backed fusible web; iron and ironing board .

1. Measure, mark and cut white felt to desired size of runner (ours is 14 inches wide). You may need to piece white felt sections together to get desired length. If so, cover seams with colored stripes as you fuse them on.

2. Using iron, fuse web onto back of each remaining piece of colored felt. Cut into strips slightly longer than runner width and several inches wide. We cut strips freehand for a slightly irregular look.

3. Peel backing off web and arrange stripes on runner; fuse in place.

4. Trim stripe ends even with edge of runner.

Easy Craft Project

Easy Craft Project

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Mirrors-Home Decor

Enhance the size and scope of your room by decorating the walls with mirrors. Different decorating schemes call for specific mirror designs. Take for example a sleek, simple wood- or metal-framed mirrors in your contemporary home or a painted wrought-iron mirror hanging in your French country home. Whatever style of mirror complements your home décor, simply hang one above the sofa or in your foyer and add to the light while enlarging the size of the room.

Revamp a plain, old mirror with painted twigs or driftwood. Decorating with Mirrors isn’t just for your bathroom anymore! It’s a great way to bring style to any room in the house. By decorating with mirrors you can increase the brightness and make the room look larger than it really is. Make over an old mirror to fit in with the most traditional to ultra modern decor.

Decorative Mirror

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