Slipcovers have been used for many different purposes. Some of the purposes furniture slip covers have include either to get a few more months out of worn furniture or to help protect new furniture from getting ruined. Some of our readers may practice covering furniture with plastic even though it may be uncomfortable to sit on. Having custom slipcovers made can become a bit costly. Just think, by making a diy slip covers, you would be saving yourself discomfort and a few dollars. Instead of throwing away perfectly good furniture, consider making your own craft slip cover.

Simple slipcovers make furniture fun. Cover an inexpensive cube stool with this diy craft and use it as a portable ottoman, or tag-team two to make a contemporary coffee table .

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Purchased ottoman (the one shown here is 18 inches square); yardstick; chalk marking pencil; heavy felt to cover 5 sides of ottoman; scissors; pins; matching or contrasting yarn; tapestry needle.

1. Measure top (width and length) and sides (height and width) of ottoman. Cut a piece of felt to each measurement (5 pieces total).

2. Place top piece of felt on ottoman; pin one side piece to edge of top. Using yarn and tapestry needle, make blanket or overcast stitches to join side to top.

3. Attach another side in same manner, then join sides together in same manner, stitching from top to bottom and keeping raw edges even.

4. Continue pinning and stitching sections together to complete cover.

5. Trim lower edges even if needed.

Add some pizazz to basic furniture with this easy slip cover craft project .

Slip Cover Craft

Slip Cover Craft

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