About Us

Family-crafts.org is a place to exchange ideas for family crafts and resources.

The Backstory

Last winter, my family and I were snowed in at a ski-lodge. We had no television or outside entertainment, so we had to make our own fun. The time together made me realize how much I enjoyed spending time with my husband and children, and that I wanted to continue doing so back home. So we set aside family time every week and worked on projects together, ranging from school assignments to decorations for the house. One year later we’re still going strong – the kids have better grades, my husband and I are enjoying our re-decorated home, and most importantly, our family is closer than ever.

Things You’ll Find On This Site

I started this blog as a place to exchange easy-to-make arts and crafts ideas. My family has made crafts from tissue paper, ribbons, rubber bands, beads, and matchsticks – but the possibilities are truly endless. So if you have an idea for a family project, or have a success story that you’d like to share, we’d all like to hear it.

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