Knitting Project: Cupcake Hat

Your little one will look precious in this tasty, originally made cupcake, complete with cherry on top. Decorate it with classic strawberry flavored pink frosting; however you can choose any color you want. Or for to be different, top it with sprinkles made from tiny beads or sequins. It’s also easy to make colorful chocolate beans by knitting a few bobbles and using small scraps of yarn.

You Will Need:

Pair of size 3 (3.25 mm) needles
Pair of size 6 (4 mm) needles
1 (1: 1) 2 oz (50 g) ball light worsted knitting yarn in color A (white)
1 (1: 1) 2 oz (50 g) ball light worsted knitting yarn in color B (blue)
1 (1: 1) 2 oz (50 g) ball light worsted knitting yarn in color C (brown)
1 (1: 1) 2 oz (50 g) ball light worsted knitting yarn in color D (pink)
Oddment of light worsted knitting yarn in color E (red)
Tape measure
Stitch holder

For complete how-to-instructions on this craft project , come see us at Woman’s Day.

Knitting Project

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Easter egg Craft

Materials Needed:

Large or medium raw egg (off-white or brown if available)
White glue
Scraps of yellow sweatshirt or fleece fabric, orange felt and fiberfill stuffing
14″ of 1/4″-wide ribbon
6 yellow marabou feathers
Low-temp glue gun
1 1/2″ square of 1/4″ plywood or heavy cardboard for base
Acrylic paints: blue, pink, aqua, black and purple
1/2″ flat and #4 round brushes
Two 5 mm movable eyes

Cut and break egg gently in half. Wash and dry. Coat inside with water-thinned white glue; let dry. Snap off shell edges if too uneven or if top half is too large.

Trace chick half-pattern, printed over text. Adding 1/4″ seam allowance, cut 2 chicks from yellow fabric. With right sides together, stitch edges, leaving bottom open. Clip curves. Turn right side out. Stuff. Sew or glue closed. Tie bow around neck.

Cut felt beak. Fold diagonally; clip, press or glue to hold crease; glue to face as per pattern. From underside, poke small hole in center of top half of egg. Glue feather into hole and shell to head. Glue feathers into lower shell showing at edges; add chick. Hot-glue egg to base.

Paint base purple. With tip of small brush, paint black line in center of mouth fold and colored dots on shell. Glue eyes on.

Click here for template to make this incredibly cute Easter Egg Craft .

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DIY Sewing or Craft Area

As a crafter will tell you, it can be difficult to keep track of all the little bits from current or past projects. That’s why we love this do-it-yourself craft and sewing station. It creates a space where everything can be stored for easy access later.

This is a begginer’s level DIY Craft Project:


Wooden crate (about 12 to 14 inches long); metal yardstick; pencil; drill with 3?8-inch bit; sandpaper; 1?4-inch wooden dowel, cut about 2 inches longer than length of box.

Click here for how-to-directions .

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This is the perfect Easter craft to decorate your dining table or coffee table. Come celebrate this Easter with us and make Easter crafts for kids, including easy Easter recipes, egg decorating ideas, Easter bunny crafts, Easter basket crafts and this great Easter Tree.

Materials needed for this Easter Craft:
5″ high x 6″-diam clay terra-cotta pot
Acrylic enamel paints (we used Apple Barrel Gloss Dandelion Yellow, Lanier Blue and Raspberry for pot, plus Spring and Seafoam greens and Deep Purple for eggs)
Foam brush
Household sponge
Small brushes for eggs
1 3/8″ wooden eggs
15″ branch with smaller branches for tree (or a 15″ x 3/8″ dowel or straight branch for trunk and 12 paper-wrapped 18″ wires for branches)
24-gauge wire
Wire snips
Green spray paint (we used Krylon Teal Green)
Green plastic floral foam sheet or chunks
1 1/2 yds of 7/8″-wide pink and blue ribbon
10″ of 1/4″-wide ribbon for each egg
Basket grass or live grass in sod
Tacky glue

Click here for easy how-to-instructions to this Easter Tree .

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Easter Egg Craft

Our ideas on Easter Egg Craft are sweet calling for loose flocking, which—once applied to eggs using an adhesive—forms a pleasing tactile pattern on the eggs’ surface. Once you’ve become accustomed to the basics on this Easy Holiday Craft, get more creative with patterns and motifs. We love the idea of creating a custom felted design on your Easter eggs Spell out a name with a letter on each egg.

Materials Needed for this holiday craft:
White wooden eggs
Therm O Web double-sided adhesive sheets
Doodlebug Design Crushed Velvet loose flocking
Pinking shears

Click for how-to-instructions on this Easter Craft .

Easter Egg Craft

Easter Egg Craft

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Easy Easter Crafts

Try our fun craft projects for you and your kids to do in celebration of Easter. Have a little Easter fun with these easy craft projects. There is something here for every level of do-it-yourselfer. From the kid-friendly paper Easter Bonnet to the more advanced hand-painted Easter welcome sign, we’ve got it all. So find a festive way to celebrate the spring holiday .

Here is a fun and easy alternative to Easter baskets. Plain pastel colored gift bags are decorated with polka dot scrapbooking paper, ribbon and Easter ornaments to complete these adorable bags. They are also great for an Easter egg hunt.

Get everything you need to make the holiday fun- .

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Eco-Friendly Craft Projects

Craft projects that you and your children will enjoy making while recycling products and going green. Check out ways to salvage old sweaters and scarves and make creative crafts.

Room Warmers

Be both crafty and earth-friendly with easy-to-make eco-chic projects that rethink old winter woolens and recycle them for new uses throughout your home. With some simple stitches, last year’s scarves become this year’s throw and a stylish coffee cozy. Unused sweaters make a snuggly dog bed and a chair full of pillows. It’s as easy as cleaning out your closet, so pare down and cozy up with any of these handmade knits.

Blanket Coverage

A simple Scarf Throw will give you an extra reason to cuddle up in a favorite chair. Lay five or more scarves side by side and stitch them together, alternating textures for a subtle pattern. Trim the edges, hem and finish with green tassels attached with decorative beads.

Read more about craft ideas .

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DIY Throw Pillows

Decorative Throw Pocket pillows are as handy as they are comfy: A clever catchall keeps books and glasses within reading reach.

Skill level: Beginner

Materials: Pillow forms in desired sizes; tape measure; chalk marking pencil; knit or crochet sweaters; scissors; sewing machine ; matching thread; pins; hand sewing needle.

Directions for DIY craft project:
1. Measure pillow form and add 1 inch to each measurement.

2. Measure, mark and cut two pieces of sweater material to these measurements for pillow front and back.

3. Optional: Make a pocket by measuring desired size of pocket; add 1 inch to each measurement. Cut contrasting piece of sweater material to these measurements.

4. Sew zigzag stitches close to cut edges of all pieces.

5. Turn under 1/2 inch on each edge of pocket; straight-stitch close to edges to hem pocket.

6. Pin pocket to pillow front; stitch close to sides and lower edge.

7. Pin pillowcase front to back, with right sides facing and raw edges even; stitch edges in 1/2-inch seams, leaving an 8-inch opening along one edge. Turn right side out.

8. Insert pillow form into cover; slip-stitch opening closed.

If you like this craft, come see more on diy craft projects .

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Slipcovers have been used for many different purposes. Some of the purposes furniture slip covers have include either to get a few more months out of worn furniture or to help protect new furniture from getting ruined. Some of our readers may practice covering furniture with plastic even though it may be uncomfortable to sit on. Having custom slipcovers made can become a bit costly. Just think, by making a diy slip covers, you would be saving yourself discomfort and a few dollars. Instead of throwing away perfectly good furniture, consider making your own craft slip cover.

Simple slipcovers make furniture fun. Cover an inexpensive cube stool with this diy craft and use it as a portable ottoman, or tag-team two to make a contemporary coffee table .

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Purchased ottoman (the one shown here is 18 inches square); yardstick; chalk marking pencil; heavy felt to cover 5 sides of ottoman; scissors; pins; matching or contrasting yarn; tapestry needle.

1. Measure top (width and length) and sides (height and width) of ottoman. Cut a piece of felt to each measurement (5 pieces total).

2. Place top piece of felt on ottoman; pin one side piece to edge of top. Using yarn and tapestry needle, make blanket or overcast stitches to join side to top.

3. Attach another side in same manner, then join sides together in same manner, stitching from top to bottom and keeping raw edges even.

4. Continue pinning and stitching sections together to complete cover.

5. Trim lower edges even if needed.

Add some pizazz to basic furniture with this easy slip cover craft project .

Slip Cover Craft

Slip Cover Craft

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