Origami is Good for the Soul

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Origami, the traditional Japanese art of folding paper into various objects, is an activity that is guaranteed to provide any family with countless hours of fun. Children are drawn to the brightly colored paper often laden with intricate patterns and designs. It is relaxing, quiet, and ideal for a day whose weather does not necessarily permit outdoor adventure. It’s also an enjoyable way of honing motor skills and concentration as it not only requires the ability to focus, but also the ability to perform a series of steps in order to complete the desired task.

Origami paper is easily acquired at any arts and crafts store and most packs of paper come with ideas and folding instructions and nearly every major bookstore sells the instruction books. Another fun place to find origami supplies would be at your local art museum.

Read about more fun arts and crafts ideas at WomansDay.com.


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Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Craft

Wrap your significant other’s gift in a subdued personalized Valentine’s Wrapping Paper using charming rustic scrapbook paper and raffia ribbon. Position the wrapping paper so that your heart decorations and beautiful ribbons can be seen.

Materials you will need are:

Oatmeal colored recycled wrapping paper

Red and burgundy heart patterned craft or scrap booking paper

Burgundy raffia (Raffia is very easy to use. It is very pliable which allows for fun multi-looped bows with little effort.)

1 Small silver heart button.

Valentine's Wrapping Paper

Follow our easy how-to instructions on how to make your Valentine’s Day Craft .

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Mirrors-Home Decor

Enhance the size and scope of your room by decorating the walls with mirrors. Different decorating schemes call for specific mirror designs. Take for example a sleek, simple wood- or metal-framed mirrors in your contemporary home or a painted wrought-iron mirror hanging in your French country home. Whatever style of mirror complements your home décor, simply hang one above the sofa or in your foyer and add to the light while enlarging the size of the room.

Revamp a plain, old mirror with painted twigs or driftwood. Decorating with Mirrors isn’t just for your bathroom anymore! It’s a great way to bring style to any room in the house. By decorating with mirrors you can increase the brightness and make the room look larger than it really is. Make over an old mirror to fit in with the most traditional to ultra modern decor.

Decorative Mirror

Click through for the instructions and directions for a handy home-decorating craft from Woman’s Day’s.

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DIY Craft: Lamb-Hand Knit Toy Lamb

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Create this fun knitted toy lamb. You can find this fun diy craft project at Itty-Bitty Toys: How to Knit Animals, Dolls and Other Playthings for Kids. Every knitter will find joy when making this fun craft both in having and in making it. The yarn used for the body and the curly topknot are perfect for creating that wooly look. Cleverly the legs are made form I-cords stuffed with straws allowing the lamb to stand on its own. The best features are gestures made and mop of hair. Make it for anyone in the family or for your favorite knitter—anyone will love it.

DIY Craft

For material needed and how-to instructions for this knitted toy lamb , click here.

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Innovative and Creative Crafts

Decorating with dishes is one of a designer’s best secrets for using ceramic crafts. It’s easy, stylish, fun—and even free, if you raid the cupboard for a stack of your favorites.  For added creativity check out flea markets or garage sales where you can pick up odds and ends for just a few pennies. Design anything that comes to mind from line plates on a chair rail, filling teacups on saucers with flowers or arrange colorful shards into an artful mosaic and make up your own creative and innovative ceramic craft ideas.

Ceramic Crafts

You can fill a bare wall with just about anything. For an alternative to art, hang decorative plates where your guests can view them. For a good visual effect, arrange in the center at eye level where it’s easy to view.

For more clever ideas on decorating with , click here.

Also visit these websites:

  • Kitchen Design Software – 3D kitchen design software can bring your kitchen to life. Do you know what kind you should be using to make your kitchen sing?
  • Kitchen Design Software – The future is now with autokitchen, the 3D kitchen design software by Microcad Software. Powered by the AutoCAD® OEM 2008 engine, autokitchen brings your kitchen designs to life.
  • Slim Artificial Christmas Trees – Festive Lights Ltd are leading providers of artificial christmas trees and have a huge range available in various colours and sizes – easy-to-assemble and good value for money!

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Holiday DIY Craft

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By creating this delicate wall ornament you’ll be ready for the best holiday of the year. Valentine’s Day crafts are easy and fun to make. Swap the glitz for an old time touch like a fabric wreath. Cut fabric into leaf shapes and paint with white glue thinned with water to the consistency of heavy cream. Let dry, then staple the stiffened leaves to a cardboard ring. Shape extra leaves into poinsettias fastened with a center brad.

Holiday Wreath

This is a beginner’s level Holiday Craft Project: You will need the following material:

  • Cotton fabrics about ¼ yard each of 6 green prints,
  • Chalk marking pencil,
  • Scissors,
  • Wax paper,
  • Bowl,
  • Elmer’s glue or fabric stiffening liquid
  • Foam paintbrush
  • 12-inch diameter corrugated cardboard ring
  • Staple gun
  • 2 yards of ½ inch wide red ribbon.

Look on for how-to-instructions on making this beautiful Holiday Craft Project .


Valentine’s Day Craft Projects

Valentine’s Day is our most favorite holiday of the year. Our heart shaped candies, pretty cards and lots of xoxoxo is everything you need for the best day possible. A homemade Valentine’s craft will give this wondrous day just the right spirit. Share your love of crafts this Valentine’s Day by making our Valentine’s Day DIY crafts.

Valentine's Day Crafts

Browse our collection of to help ring in the day of love. Whether you would like to make a heart shaped card or some sweet and savory Valentine’s recipes with your kids, you’ll celebrate this Valentine’s Day in sweet romance.

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Decorative Throw Pillows

Learn how to make this craft project, decorative throw pillows. These fashionable accessories are full of vibrant colors giving a boost of energy to your home decor. Consider adding finishing touches to your bedroom with this DIY craft project.

Throw Pillows

For your materials, you will need yellow cotton or linen pillow shams in whatever size fits your needs; lightweight cardboard 1” smaller than the size of your sham; adhesive packaging dots (about 3” across); scissors; ½” painter’s tape; foam paintbrush; Plain FolkArt acrylic pain in White; pillow form to fit sham.

Look on for instructions on .

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Fun ‘Cupcake Charm’ Craft Project

Make this fun cupcake craft project that’s compact, and portable but not edible. A cupcake always makes me happy! Whatever the flavor rich chocolate, vanilla or lemon you’ll love this for any occasion. Project excerpted from The Polymer Clay Cookbook: Tiny Food Jewelry to Whip Up and Wear.

Cupcake Charm Craft

Check out my recipe that makes a traditional chocolate cupcake with pink icing and instructions on how to make a cupcake charm.

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